Joline Blais

Joline Blais is Associate Professor of New Media at UMaine, co-directer of Still Water, and co-founder of LongGreenHouse. Her home page is currently undergoing a revision, but you can find some quick links to her projects and a biography here.


Blais Joline Gubbio ThuJoline Blais' publications and creative work explore the overlap of digital culture, indigenous culture and permaculture. This cross-cultural braid suggests tribal and networked alternatives to conventional socio-political and cultural structures, and co-creates models of deep sustainability.

Blais' 2006 book At the Edge of Art, co-written with Jon Ippolito, investigates how new strategies of empowerment rely on engagement rather than representation, on connection rather than entertainment, and how these active strategies work in communities of new media artists, and how they reshape both art and real world contexts in more democratic and participatory ways. What does New Media art have to teach us? That the future (and the past) is in networks not hierarchies, in kinship not competition.

LongGreenHouse (2007) weaves the Wabanaki Longhouse, permaculture gardens, and networked collaboration together in a hybrid "communiversity", in partnership with UMaine, Wassookeag school, and eco-village networks in Maine. Other projects include RFC: Request for Ceremony, a call for re-investing quotidian life with ceremony; and the Cross-Cultural Partnership, a legal framework for developing trust networks with indigenous peoples.

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