I am going to make a website for college students to help them afford food during college, all while improving their mental and physical health.


The problem with college is that students need to pay for their food, their rent, electricity, school, etc. How are students expected to eat healthily, and live healthy lifestyles with the financial and mental stress involved in being a college student? This is nearly impossible without financial support from family, friends, or our government. Students also are very reluctant to seek help, and articles for them to read privately would be the perfect way for them to get help.

Every day, approximately 121 Americans die by suicide or approximately one person kills themselves every 12 minutes. (CDC)

It is generally estimated that there are 25 attempts for one death by suicide.

Suicide is currently ranked as the second leading cause of death for youth (15 to 24 years old) in the United States behind accidents/road traffic.




Mayoclinic is a good website for students looking to improve their physical health. The problem, is that it is geared towards people who can afford really healthy food, and college students usually can’t unless they get loans.

Psychology Today, is another good website for self help and mental health information, but the site is hard to navigate and a lot of the times it’s written by someone who hasn’t struggled with the problem.

Mindful.org is a good site for helping simplify people’s lives, but only focuses on meditation and not as much on self help.


I intend to create a website for college students looking to improve their mental, spiritual, and physical health. I want to make a website where people can post their own cheap and healthy recipes, discuss health with one another on a forum, and get information and tips on proper diet and exercise. There will also be a page with a lot of useful resources for students looking to expand their knowledge of their chosen subject.



  1. Look at similar sites that are useful
  2. Contact students for ideas for content
  3. Get a domain
  4. Link my blog to the site
  5. Add new content
  6. Find a good theme to use
  7. Fill out contact information
  8. Add a forum/comments to each post to allow users to make content
  9. Edit out irrelevant information on site
  10. Do a twitter poll to help decide what to post
  11. Find workout regimens that are easy to follow, post.
  12. Create an email list
  13. Research the cheapest health foods to buy
  14. Make a post about it
  15. Add a resource page with other links to websites that will help people
  16. Make the site easy to navigate
  17. Create a logo for the site
  18. Create a homepage/welcome page
  19. Take some photography of healthy foods for future content
  20. Create a facebook page for it.


  • I need a wordpress site (have it)
  • Access to internet
  • Money to buy and keep domain
  • Tutorials on wordpress
  • I need an audience to help me direct my content
  • I need emails from people for my list.