Final Capstone

April 25, 2020

Final Capstone


Final presentations are revised polished versions of Milestone 6 (see my feedback to you in Slack)

10 minutes max

Your main focus, and most of your presentation time,  should be a  DEMO of your project–as you would do on capstone night.

Milestone 6 Google slide templates was designed to structure this for you, but be sure to modify it to best show your work, with your own original titles (NOT my original questions), unless you have a better format/template to demo your work.

I suggest using some video footage, though you do not need to show your final edited video.

You will get a grade for what you present (show off the best), and also what you turn in by May 8.


If you are presenting April 30, and you are missing something that will be complete by May 8, present it as if it is complete.  Since you control what is being shown, you can show what’s currently working, and fix any issues before you finally turn in you project. No need to mention any unresolved challenges in this presentation.

Focus on achievements.