For Milestone 6,  imagine you are helping a smart but non-technical stranger understand and appreciate your work. Assume no prior knowledge.  I’d like you to focus on the following, though any of these items can be brief, most are critical for a deep understanding of you and your work:

  1. What is the  “story of my project”?  This includes:
    • who am I in relation to this project and how/why is that important?  eg. If I’m an amateur brewer, with an interest in local ingredients and markets, that might explain my project about local brews
    • what is my project?  what does it do, what format is it in (website, mobile app, ),
    • how did I create it? what were the main tools and processes I used to make this? what software/hardware did I use? perhaps mention major challenges and how you solved them IF it sheds light on your final product
    • why is this project important to me? to my ideal audience? to larger audiences? what social/cultural/economic need does it fulfill? how does it make the world just a little better and for whom? here’s where you might mention your initial research, with links to sources.
    • when am I making this? what is the context and how does my work fit into this time period?
    • where is my project deployed? where is it best used? does it require a special location or structures or gear to work?
  2. Visuals of project—5-6 photos/video/demo
  3. User testing
    • what did I learn?
    • what did I tweak or change?
  4. What’s left to do? challenges?

Most of this information should also help you outline/storyboard your 5 minute final presentation video.

For sample New Media project videos see NMD Capstones