For video (5 & 1 minute)

Remember that the video will be seen by many people who don’t know you or your project.  How would you describe yourself and your project to a smart but recent New Media students?  Use cues from Milestone 6 to ensure critical information is in your 5 minute video; then create an edited down version as a teaser with just the key relevant details.  We will use both for New Media website and social media accounts–so you will have a “virtual ” capstone presentation.


 If you are not a Premier wiz, or just want a (limited) but faster way to assemble a video, you can look at :  Adobe Spark is free; Premium version  (collaborate features you prob dont need) has a 7 day free trial OR you can use Adobe ID. Be sure you download your post/video (sharing just gets you the URL to the project on their server & I cant download that or use it on NMD website)
Adobe Spark Video:
It will allow you to create a simple video using a slide format–you insert images or video into each “slide” then add a voiceover.  You can change the length of time for each slide depending on voice over or complexity of  slide.

Critical info

Poster should have similar info as your poster but with more explanatory details and specifics:
  1. Capstone title, your name
  2. Demo video or Image(s) to show critical aspects of your project–we want to see it
  3. Select facts to explain your capstone–show us what it does and how you mage it–what tools you used


  1. NMD 499, Prof Joline Blais
  2. Anyone who gave you critical feedback; including concise list for user testing if any
  3. QR code/ URL or other way to get to your project info, eg if your project has a website, or an App Store URL
  4. Your student URL on the New Media Website:  (coming…)
  5. Date:  Everyone should put in May 5 as that is the final exam time & last capstone date