Planting with Teens

Clara, Ryan and Rowan sweated, sucked and planted their own seeds into this herb spiral. Skeptical gardeners, they felt a bit uncomfortable with seeds in their mouths. “Felt like caterpillars,” Clara said of the calendula seeds under her tongue. Ryan opted out of the edible medicines category and choose Zinnias for their visual beauty–another kind …

Parsley for Herb Spiral

  Since Parsley is biennial, it’s a good herb to plant in the fall, especially if you have space dedicated to herbs. I transplanted mine to my herb spiral–which I renovated this year. It’s a slow grower, so even after transplant into compost rich soil, it’s taking its time. The benefit should be parsley popping …

Parsley Sprouts

Parsley Sprouting

Parsley sometimes takes up to two weeks to sprout. I tried to assist these seeds by cracking them just a bit between my teeth after I soaked them under my tongue. Parsley seeds have a very strong acrid, green flavor. Medicine already at work!


Nourishing: highly nourishing with many vitamins and minerals high chlorophyll freshens breath mild diuretic aids digestion Growing: biennial seeds germinate slowly cover and keep moist 12-18″ tall 6-12″ apart, in clumps full sun to partial shade