Planting Seeds with Ryan

Planting Seeds with Ryan

Since I have returned to Maine I have been growing herbs that I have used successfully to treat a number of ailments, from skin wounds, to fractures to pneumonia. Plants are nature’s chemical engineers, so I have been working recently to assist in this engineering to personalize their medicine and to share knowledge of natural “farmaceuticals”.

In order to share this with others, and learn from our collective experiences, I will be sharing a simple Russian indigenous recipe for “coding” seeds– through rubbing the seed in your hands, and soaking the seed in your mouth — to create personalized medicine. You can find this “recipe” in Book One of the Ringing Cedars series, Anastasia and in the Plant menu below.

Participants for Healing Seeds get seeds, code them with their personal information, and plant the seeds. As the seeds grow, I invite you to chart your relationship to the plant and way that feels right to you (photos, journal, poem, video) and post documentation of your stories where others will also be sharing their stories of connection and healing (or loss and grief).

Events are free and open and listed in the sidebar to the right. All materials provided unless you want to bring your own seed or medium/soil.

The project is part of Portals-Six Environmental Art Installations, sponsored by Waterfall Arts, Belfast, MEAD– ME Environmental Art & Design, Unity College, CMCA, and ME Farmland Trust.