This is a studio class with hands-on exercises designed to further your exploration of natural and human ecologies as they overlap with art practices. The goal of the class is to immerse you in complex systems rich with creative possibilities. By working with natural and social systems, your work will join the new wave of artists who are pushing the boundaries of art beyond the creation of objects to co-creation with living systems.


Class will consist of:

context--1)viewings of art projects from contemporary artists engaging with living systems.  2) video and audio related to the art works or the issues raised, 3) readings which you will engage as teams and as a class.  this work will be done outside of class and tapped as your class contribution as we engage in immersive and hands-on work.

exercises--as a class we will engage in a series of weekly hands-on activities designed to deepen your understanding and skill with natural materials and living systems.

research--during the semester you'll select a particular artist or art form to research and explore.

project work--class will culminate in a public showing of your work in a public art space or outdoor gallery. project work will be presented 3-4 times each semester for review and feedback by the class.

documentation--this will consist of some web-viewable (podcast, blog, video etc) form of an artists journal in which you note your insights from class, readings, viewing artists or student work, your research, and your process as you complete your project


--context work (readings, viewings of related work)

--weekly exercise completion



--web-viewable journal


Grades will be based on a peer and professor evaluation of your work in the following areas:

--class contribution (from readings, research, shared skills, feedback)

--class exercises and their completion

--final project

--artist's journal


IMD 530