NMD 203



This course is a creative workshop exploring technical, cultural and creative dimensions of digital and non-linear storytelling. 

You will learn how to read and create projects using hypertext code and concepts. You will also be practicing HTML5, a core competency in the New Media program and field.

Through some of the projects we look at, you'll be exposed to some of the historical and theoretical uses and contexts for hypertext, as well as some possible future developments for storytelling and social constructions of knowledge and wisdom using narrative as an organizing principle.

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will demonstrate:

  1. BulletUnderstanding of classical story foundations like plot, character, setting, and scene.

  2. BulletCommand of basic HTML5 structure, code, and concepts.

  3. BulletAbility to design and create non-linear narratives in digital forms.

  4. BulletUnderstanding of the social & cultural implications of non-linear and distributed forms of narrative.

  5. BulletAbility to analyze and critique hypertext & nonlinear projects.

  6. BulletFacility for reading & writing hypertext & non-linear stories.

  7. BulletMethods of working synergistically in a class and in groups.

This syllabus is NOT a contractual obligation between professor and student, but rather a guide to course work and requirements. It is subject to change at the discretion of the professor. Please bookmark this course URL, and have it available for to each class throughout the semester.


  1. BulletProjects 50%

  2. BulletClass Participation (graded weekly; half attendance/half participation) 25%

  3. BulletFinal Project/Portfolio (due final class) 25%

Final presentations projects will occur Dec 8 & Dec 10 in class, and/or at an external venue the same week if possible. .

Final projects and/or portfolio review will be due Thursday Dec., 15, noon.. It's best to work on this through out the semester.

No Final Exam


For a "C": Meeting the above requirements in an average manner; ie doing all work in a satisfactory manner.

For a "B": Better than average effort and execution; work beyond what is expected; initiative with own projects or creativity.

For an "A": All the above. Exceptional work beyond scope of the class with outstanding initiative and creative energy in the following areas: consistent and productive contribution to class discussion

  1. Bulletmentoring of other students

  2. Bulletintroduction of materials beyond the core syllabus

  3. Bulletability to translate concepts to creative work

  4. Bulletupbeat attitude

  5. Bulletability to productively challenge assumptions in readings or discussions or tutorials

  6. Bulletability to create synergy within class and small groups

  7. Bulletability to speak up for own views with respect for other views.

Failure to complete any of the requirements with at least average effort will result in a "D" or an "F" as your final grade.


    is taken at the start of class. Because attendance is critical to your success and that of the class, it is graded as a portion of your class participation. You are assigned a "100" at the beginning of class for attendance. Each missed class will result in 10 points deducted.  So, four missed classes yields a "60" for attendance grade.

    reflects your contribution to the class. Realtime participation counts most highly, but you can supplement with online/virtual presence. If you are shy, you will need to reach out of your comfort zone to earn a good grade in this area.

  3. BulletHOMEWORK
    For weekly assignments, you are graded for what you produce for each class. I understand that life often interferes with research and creativity, and while I sympathize, I do not grant credit for any work undone. My policy is that you earn your grade with both effort and promptness, s o I cannot give credit if either is lacking.

  4. BulletLATE WORK
    Late work is accepted for 75% credit. Missed work counts as 0%. For serious illness or other unusual circumstances, send an email with subject: "illness 203" and contact me as soon as possible.

    I do not grant incompletes, except for those who have suffered serious illness or family problems during the academic term. Proper documentation before the last two weeks of the semester is required and must be attached to the petition for a grade of incomplete. A student who has missed over 25% of the quarter may not be eligible for an incomplete.

    If you have a disability (physical, learning, or psychological) which interferes with your ability to carry out the coursework as outlined, and/or requires accommodations of any kind, please contact me and Ann Smith, Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities (Onward Building, 581- 2319), during the first two weeks of class to develop a solution for the situation. If you do not contact the instructor you are required to complete the work in the syllabus on time.

  7. BulletILLNESS
    Provisions will be made to make up work due to personal or community illness with proper documentation or meeting with instructor.

Creative Hypertext

Prof Joline Blais
T Th 12:30-1:45

Office Hours:
T /Th 2-3pm Wed by appt

HTML5 workshop: TBA.

Please schedule a meeting with me during the first few weeks of class to establish a basis of trust. This is likely to improve your achievement and grades.