I regret to say I rushed through this, and I think that I could get fired for the amount of sins I committed in the making of this video. I aimed to make it into a TikTok video, as that’s what’s most popular these days. So I included a song to the background and kept going as fast as I could so that you could only process the important bits. I tried to incorporate quotes for the problems and solutions, but it’s hard to talk and introduce several texts on screen within a short time period (I am at least cognizant of my mistakes). I would have done far better work if it was a three minute video, for sure. I definitely didn’t have the time to add a works cited. If this was for my sibling, they wouldn’t even see it, anyway. They only care about the humor and the swiftness of the video. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

I largely used The Shallows summary, Edge.org and the Zocalo article for these. The images are from Google and the videos were taken for free from Pexels.


  1. A situation– The child finds his family has disappeared.
  2. An opening question– Is it worth it?
  3. Define the problem: Depression, anxiety, and using too much time online.
  4. Propose a solution: I didn’t use direct quotes. My simple solution was to get off the phone, which seems to be a general consensus between articles– to get off and experience the world.
  5. Long term Benefits: I completely forgot about this one.
  6. Credits– Cited above.


Link to the video.