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Prerequisites: New Media Majors or permission. Credits: 3


In this class you will work with real-world clients to create Web pages or apps with compelling designs and interactive features. You will review basic graphic design, HTML, CSS, simple PHP and web architecture tools like WordPress in order to meet the needs of community partners for web presence and potential social media support. Working with a client teaches critical skills for collaboration, negotiation and team work; you will apply these to tell a digital story that represents community or client values. In addition, you will apply the same skills of designing, coding and networking to produce a professional portfolio showcasing your own work, preparing you for future internships and jobs.




Texts, video and other materials via website


  • Your AND account
  • NMD Portfolio for drafting, revising and publishing your work.
  • Web Hosting, domain name, desk or laptop computer for class work
  • Codepen free online HTML editor

Learning Outcomes

Learn HTML, WordPress classic and WordPress Page Builders

Design and Develop personal portfolio

Work with Client to assess Web & Social Media Needs

Design & Create Client website


Commit to Zoom session, your own learning, and supporting your peers. 

Develop team and collaborative skills: Share. Ask for help. Give help.

Keep up, or contact me asap to request a “break” if you need one.

Respect everyone: professor, visitors, classmates, yourself. Practice claiming your truths in ways that are constructive and supportive.  

Insist on your own and peer creative development. Negotiate with me for this.

Protect everyone’s health and privileges with safe Covid practices.

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There will be no final exam. Final projects will be due at the beginning of exam week. 

  • 30% Project 1 Portfolio
  • 30% Project 2 Client Site
  • 15%  Tasks  
  • 15 % Quizzes, Attendance & Participation


A Outstanding work, generous contribution to improvement of your own and other student work, robust contribution to class and peers

B Very good work, clear contribution to improvement of your own and other student work, robust contribution to class and peers

C Good work without much improvement from initial class assignments, minimal contribution to class or peers

D Just getting all the work done, but without much learning, contribution or improvement.Missing assignments.

F Not completing all the work, and completed work bare minimum

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Get creative and enjoy the effort!

Commit to learning what you can, and dig in to your creative side to make your effort enjoyable. Make sure you stay in conversation with me so I can help you make this work your own.