About Me Tips


Some elements to consider in About Me pages:

The Hook

How can you hook your reader? Try something unusual or unexpected. You can use an image or font size or style to add emphasis.

The Content

Consider including the essentials: 1. Who you are
2. What you do
3. Why you do it

No need to specify that this is your About page. It’s redundant and unnecessry.

The Basics

Start with your name, situation (student/job) and location, and a favorite activity or hobby—what makes you distinctive.

Be bold and also humble about your achievements—basically be honest and human.

The Background

What’s your story? Where do you come from? Why are you doing what you are doing?
Add picture of yourself – A photo of your face can create connect and make you appear trustworthy.
If you have related video, use it. You can easily embed a youtube video in WordPress, just paste the link in the body of the post.

The Quirks

Consider a few things that make you offbeat, odd, different from the rest and thus human. Revealing both strengths and vulnerabilities gives you cred.

The Action

A call-to-action asks viewers to do something: look at your epic portfolio, download your health tips, see your recent character sketches, etc. They invite a deeper look, or an action. You can use a photo/button for this.

The Contact

Give your viewers away to contact you – this can be via a contact form or social media. Personal contact info works if your site is small, but if it’s a social site or it roads, you may want a separate site email and/or social media accounts.

Some examples

Thirty inspiring About Me Pages