Your FInal Portfolio is due April 30 on the last day of classes.

Your Portfolio should contain the following:

  1. Home/landing page–show your best work
  2. About Me page–photo, more detailed description of your achievement, skills & goals; this should be a ind of friendly, narrative CV, so viewers can get a sense of your personality and skills as well as achievements and goals
  3. Menu Navigation to your best projects arranged as posts by category (ie photos, video, graphic design, code, etc)
  4. A post or menu item showing your recent Client website work; adda featured image that is a nice snapshot of the best past of your client site, and in the post/page add more images and a URL to the client site.
  5. NMD classes: You may include temporary menu items that categorize your posts by class name (ie NMD 211, NMD 104) etc–but you may want to remove these when the semester ends (ie do not remove the posts or their categories, just eliminate the menu items that point to “NMD 211” for example)**
  6. Contact Page with social media icons if you use social media.
  7. Blog with a few posts about “what’s new”  ie you may want to include your post about your new Client website, a new job, a recent achievement (I am now fully vaccinated and looking forward to…) You may remove this blog from your menu after you get your class grade.

** If you already have a more professional site and do not want to show class work in the menu area, then you can satisfy teachers looking for class content on your blog by creating a secondary menu called “classes” and putting that menu on an Elementor page called “classes” and then making sure you include that Classes Page URL in your final post to me (or any other teachers) so I can see it and review your course posts.