Task 8

Task 8

  1. W3: CSS, Classes,  IDs
  2. Quiz 8
  3. Practice CodePen HTML:
    • use CSS to redefine and use a standard tag, like P, div, blockquote etc
    • use CSS to create a class and use it twice for  inline HTML
    • use CSS to create two IDs and use them inline HTML
  4. Portfolio: Your best creative work template page AND category page (made with a series of posts)


  1. Client Meetings
  2. Client Website Setup
  3. Add to Trello
    • Client Wish List
    • Client Meeting times
    • Notes about website
    • Each person’s weekly task
    • Schedule of regular weekly meetings–wish rough tasks

Task 8 Posts

  1. Subject: Task 8-yourname
  2. Category: Task 8 (Do not use “Task” which is reserved for my assignment instructions)
  3. Codepen image & URL (use “HTML comments” to distinguish each codepen addition)
  4. Portfolio URL
  5. Client URLs for any sample sites/pages
  6. Trello URL (make sure it’s pubic) with Client info & clear roles