Client First Meeting

Structure Work

Below are fundamental questions to ask your client. You may want to send them this URL before meeting, and ask them to consider which questions will be relevant to them, or how you would learn this information. In your first meeting, set goals to accomplish for your next meeting. Do this at every meeting. 

Decide on a way to communicate

  1. Zoom Weekly check-ins with client
  2. Set up four-way Text group for quick messages 
  3. Use Trello or Spreadsheet to chart progress
  4. Use Slack channel for team collaboration
  5. Send weekly, brief, email reports based on weekly check-ins.

Decide on weekly check-ins, even if brief, in which you 

  1. Raise any questions
  2. Show progress
  3. Ask for feedback
  4. Set next goals

Basic Info

  • Background

    What is your company/organization background/culture?

  • Task

    Are You Redesigning Your Existing Website or Building a New Site?

  • Content

    Do You Have Content Prepared for Your Website? How will you get that content to us?

  • Functions

    Will Your Website Require Custom Functionality?

  • Marketing

    Will You Be Selling Products or Services On Your Website?

  • Upkeep

    Once the Website is Online, Who Will Create, Update, and Manage the Content?

Meeting Questions

Use the Basic Info questions above, then add any of the following questions that relate more specifically to your project/client.

  1. Website type, what do they want it to achieve? What’s its purpose?
  2. Who is your target customer and what do they want? Do you have data to support that?
  3. Site map and page map, how many pages and sub categories?
  4. Do they have a style or theme they like? Sites they like or don’t like and why.
  5. How much content? Do they have all the content? Very important to ask this.
  6. Does the client have branding or logos, if not do they want you to work on that?
  7. Do they want links to social media?
  8. Do they want e-commerce? If so do they want you to source a third party to manage that?
  9. If selling products, how many different types?
  10. Do they want multilingual?
  11. Do they have or need professional photos?
  12. Do they need help with graphic design?
  13. Do they want to prioritize mobile experience?
  14. Any special functionality?

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