Task 12

Task 12 W3:  Style Guide Quiz 12 Practice CodePen HTML: style guide update style guide elements Portfolio: update your portfolio Client Meeting Date: Set client final meeting date between April 26-May 5, The sooner you finish site & set date, the sooner you will be done!! Deliverables: Add a list to this post of your … Read more

Task 11

Task 11 W3:  Layout, Responsive Design Quiz 11 Practice CodePen HTML: layouts responsive design Take a look at W3.CSS templates–free HTML?CSS code for typical websites Add WP Dashboard notes plugin to Portfolio & Client site Client website: Showcase Client Meet with Client and me Asses what can be done that’s most useful in next 2 … Read more

Task 10

Task 10 W3schools: iframe, FilePaths, Head Quiz 10 Practice CodePen HTML: iframe file paths Head elements Portfolio: Media, Social Media, Action Buttons Client Client Website Navigation Task 10 Posts Subject: Task 10-yourname Category: Task 10 (Do not use “Task” which is reserved for my assignment instructions) Codepen image & URL (use “HTML comments” to distinguish … Read more

Task 9

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Task 9 W3:  Tables, Lists, Block & Inline Quiz 9 Practice CodePen HTML: table–small table with a header row, and at least 2 rows & 2 columns list–one with numbers and one with disc or square bullets (not circles) block–use a div to create a horizontal menu of at least 3 items Portfolio: Add Media … Read more

Task 8

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Task 8 W3: CSS, Classes,  IDs Quiz 8 Practice CodePen HTML: use CSS to redefine and use a standard tag, like P, div, blockquote etc use CSS to create a class and use it twice for  inline HTML use CSS to create two IDs and use them inline HTML Portfolio: Your best creative work template … Read more

Client Website

Your Client Website is due on May 3 with final Client meetings between the last day of class, April 26 and May 5th.  If your site is near completion, I recommend an early date, so you can finish sooner.   Each of your Client has different levels of expertise and need; so your work with … Read more


Your FInal Portfolio is due April 30 on the last day of classes. Your Portfolio should contain the following: Home/landing page–show your best work About Me page–photo, more detailed description of your achievement, skills & goals; this should be a ind of friendly, narrative CV, so viewers can get a sense of your personality and … Read more

Task 7

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Task 7 W3: Quotations/Colors Color Picker : https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp Quiz 7 Practice CodePen HTML: use block quote and q use hexadecimal background OR text  colors for 2 H (header) elements Portfolio: Starter Template page(s) Portfolio: Create a Photo or Video Template Page, add menu for page Client Contact Clients with team via Zoom Get Client wish list … Read more

Task 6

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Task 6 W3S Links and Images Quiz 6 Practice CodePen HTML: add 2  links add 2 images add one image link Portfolio: Add “Starter Templates” Plugin (Select Elementor version)& Activate Portfolio: Choose and use a Template via Dashboard for a key page like About Me or Home page Add your data to NMD 295 Teams … Read more

Task 5

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Task 5 W3S Styles and Formatting Quiz 5 Practice HTML: use 3  style attribute elements like background-color, text colors, fonts, text sizes, or text alignment use 3 formatting elements, like bold, italic, marked, superscript, etc. Portfolio: Create & Place Menus with Pages, Posts & Categories Portfolio: Customize Theme Portfolio:  Home and About Me pages Portfolio: Page Templates Post: Subject: … Read more

Task 4

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Task 4 W3S Attributes & Comments Quiz 4 HTML Practice Add width & height attributes to give the same image 3 different sizes Add Comments to distinguish parts of your practice.html doc; eg  “This is task 4” Portfolio: Basic WordPress settings: Home page, Blog Page, Permalinks, etc. Portfolio:  Create the following Pages Prelim Home About … Read more

Task 3

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Task 3 W3S Basic & Elements, CSS Selectors, CSS How To Quiz 3  HTML & CSS Add headings, images and links to your Codepen page. Try downloading html page &  and test page and  “view source” in your browser Configure your WordPress site: Settings, Plugins, Theme Migrate wp.com to new website via export/import Create an … Read more

Task 2

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Task 2 Review W3S Editors, W3S CSS Intro, W3S CSS Syntax. Quiz 2 Create a Codepen Account, and create first HTML page with text, image, and with at least 2 CSS rule-sets. Sign up for Dreamhost Shared Unlimited Hosting DO NOT have WordPress auto-installed. Choose free personal domain name Install WordPress Add Elementor plugin, and … Read more

Task 1

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Task 1 Quiz 1 W3S Try it Yourself Webpage Create first post using Classic Editor on class website; Post W3 HTML page sample—both code and output— as an image in class website post Add buddy biography with photo 300X200 short text bio wordpress.com URL Set up an account in CodePen using @maine.edu account Post: Subject: Task … Read more