Conner Ingalls Task 1

Hello! I am a third year New Media student here at the University of Maine, Orono. I went to high school in Topsham, ME. But grew up on a farm in Bowdoin. I’ve worked with livestock my entire life, and love being around animals, especially my dogs Augustus and Dexter. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors; … Read more

Task 1 – Jack Roy-Becker

  Brian Ellsmore Brian Ellsmore is currently a sophomore New Media major at the University of Maine.  He graduated from Cape Elizabeth High School and found his passion for New Media in the related classes taken at Cape Elizabeth High School.  In his free time, he enjoys watching and playing sports such as basketball, football, … Read more

Task 1 – Aimee Whitman

Peter started his freshman year at the University of Maine as a marine biology student but later switched to new media with a minor in business administration. His career goal is to become a cartoon animator and create his own scripts and pilot episodes to be picked up by streaming services and live time television … Read more


  Devin Carter Bio: Mixed NMD and COS student coding in Java, Python, C/C#, and Lisp. Aspiring to participate in the field of AI/machine learning research. Also aspiring to participate in the creative fields I love, such as writing and game design. “Imagination is the beginning of creation.” -Bernard Shaw

Task 1 – Nhan Chau

W3S Code Full code Buddy Biography Kacie Bond Born and lived in Central Florida for the first sixteen years of their life, Kacie Bond is currently a sophomore at the University of Maine. With a major in New Media and a minor in Computer Science, their dream is to create their own graphic novel or … Read more

Task-1 Peter Vigoda

Peter Vigoda Task 1 NMD 295 Aimee Whitman-Bio Aimee is a transfer student from a community college back home in Connecticut, where she spent her first two years completing her general education requirements and working on her associates degree. In the fall of 2019, she began her journey at the University of Maine studying wildlife … Read more


Link to code   Buddy Bio  Michael Giungi Michael is from West Hartford, Connecticut and is currently studying New Media with a minor in Business Marketing at the University of Maine. Spends a majority of his day doing schoolwork, going to the gym and hanging out with friends. In the future he would like to … Read more

Task 1 – KacieB

My first HTML code: link to full code     Buddy Biography: Nhan Chau Animator-in-progress Nhan Chau was born and raised in Vietnam, and is currently a Sophomore at the University of Maine studying New Media with a minor in Graphic design.  Her dream is to become a concept artist or animator, and is experienced … Read more

Task 1 – Violet Biography

Violet is from Portland Maine and spent her grade school years as a competitive figure skater. She graduated from Falmouth High School and now attends the University of Maine as a second-year student in New Media, with a minor in Marketing. She has now found her passions in vintage clothing and all things creative. Violet spends her time thrifting and making unique clothing, … Read more

Task 1 – Lilly Furrow

Colin Weed – Bio: Colin Weed is a second-year student at the University of Maine. He is currently majoring in New Media while also having a minor in business. Colin is from Scarborough, ME. In the future, Colin would like to get into the film or photography industry. In his free time, he likes to … Read more

Task 1 – Andreas S

Buddy Bio: Tea Brich Title: student. |Name: Téa Brich | Teaser: Art enthusiast; live by creation and adventure. | Skills: CTE Certified in Graphic Design, proficiently experienced in Adobe programs.| Background: I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Maine with a Major in New Media and a Minor in Graphic Design. | Hobbies: I … Read more

Task 1- AutumnC

Part 1- Website Part 2- Biography   Katie Stewart is a Maine native who currently lives in Biddeford. After graduation she hopes to go on to a career in design. In her spare time she loves exploring new places and things.


First HTML Site: Bio: Claire Gilpatrick Videographer  An easy-going, energetic human, who enjoys getting outdoors and just being in nature, but also being with the people she loves. “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, because that is where the fruit is.” Bob Ross

Task 1 – Jacob Hotaling

Part 1 – Website Code Example! Part 2 – Bio + Picture (Jalyssa) Jalyssa is a New Media major with a Graphic Design minor from Scarborough, Maine. She has been a commercial model for about four years, signed for two, and has developed and is continuing to make amazing connections with creatives in the southern … Read more

Stella C. – Task 1

W3 Try-It Website Partner’s Bio I moved around a lot growing up so it’s hard to answer that question but I currently reside in Portland, ME. I like long walks on the beach and creating things. Movies, animations, art, code, doesn’t matter as long as I get to make stuff. Who knows what the future … Read more


My first Web Page:     Bio:  Andreas Sandoval is an avid gamer, but also enjoys hiking and exploring. He believes that experimenting with the Adobe suite is a good pastime. He has a decent grasp on how Adobe programs work and enjoys learning more about the program. He’s currently a junior at the … Read more


Task1   Task2  Buddy Biography Jake Hotaling Originally from Wilbraham, Massachusetts, Jake Hotaling is a Videographer and Filmmaker who specializes in Cinematography and Music Directing. In addition, Jake also does Fashion Journalism Photography and travel videos on the side. With experience in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro, Jake has the skills needed to work … Read more

Task 1-KatieS

My first website is here   Partner Bio: I’m a Maine native currently living in Auburn. This is my first year at the University of Maine, I transferred from Suffolk University. I am a New Media major with an interest in film and video production. I really enjoy hiking and going on adventures with friends.


My first webpage is here     Buddy Biography Conner Ingalls   Conner grew up and lived on a farm in Bowdoin, Maine. He is a Junior New Media Student at the Univ. Maine with a History Minor. He has a frequent hobby of photographing his friends and family, as Photography is one of his … Read more


Im Sean Kearney. I am originally from Pennsylvania now living in Maine. I love to work with horses and do photography, in the future i would like to be a pilot helping with the media of an airline


Lilly is a first semester senior at the University of Maine, she is majoring in business management and minoring in New media. She was born in Sacramento California and at the age of 3 her family decided to move to Maine. In Lilly’s free she enjoys cooking vegan food, drawing with both paper and the … Read more