Brian Ellsmore – Task 10

Portfolio Link – added social media, learn more button which takes you to about me page. Client Site – Added drone license information as well as FAA. Added a Moodle class link to sign up for the class to get licensed. Code Pen – Added the website YouTube using Iframe into my code pen. Header and file path … Read more

Task 10 – Andreas Sandoval

Portfolio Link   (I’ve added social media buttons to my contact page) Client Site (Still working on some things but we have added a majority of content to each page and are working on how we are going to tackle the marketplace aspect of things) Trello Link

Violet Singer-Task 10

Here is my Codepen:Here is my portfolio, I added social media accounts and Codepen account, as well as a button that takes you to my client site. Here is the link to my client site.