Task 9

Task 9

  1. Quiz 9
  2. Practice CodePen HTML:
    • table–small table with a header row, and at least 2 rows & 2 columns
    • list–one with numbers and one with disc or square bullets (not circles)
    • block–use a div to create a horizontal menu of at least 3 items
  3. Portfolio: Add Media from other classes using categories (add menu items for each category)


  1. Client Website–update Trello; assign roles!!
  2. Create Sitemap
  3. Finish Front Page/Landing page and site menu
  4. Gather data–text & images from client, or from client site; transfer to client site

Task 9 Posts

  1. Subject: Task 9-yourname
  2. Category: Task 9 (Do not use “Task” which is reserved for my assignment instructions)
  3. Codepen image & URL (use “HTML comments” to distinguish each codepen addition)
  4. Portfolio URL with other class materials added (via menu & posts)
  5. Client sitemap URL
  6. Client site URL–explaining any changes, additions, tests
  7. Trello URL