Task 11 – Andreas Sandoval

Codepen Url Portfolio Url (Added my own work to the homepage and to their respective categories. I also used elementor and added socials to my contact menu to match the color theme of the site)   Client Site Url (The site is basically finished. There were a few suggestions from the client, but they were … Read more

Brian Ellsmore – Task 11

Portfolio Link – Changed my about me page. Added a starter template on it to make it more visually appealing. Client Site Link – The meeting with clients and professor has been the most helpful in gathering other ideas on what to do differently that we hadn’t yet thought of. Also learning more about how the website … Read more


Codepen Portfolio ClientSite changes suggested by the client -moved pictures around -carousel on the home page -changed font/sizing -fixed page alignment -added in the pricing page Trello  

Violet Singer Task 11

Here is my Codepen: On my portfolio site and client site I downloaded the Dashboard Notes plugin. We are just about finalized on our clients homepage and will have a meeting on Wednesday, as well as communicating through email with Katherine and Marie about what else they want done!

Task 11 – KacieB

Portfolio Client Site Big changes for the website: I’ve been messing around with all of the features, as well as trying to find all of them.  But I worked on it even after taking this image so it looks a lot different.  Unfortunately for some of the features they require API keys, some of which … Read more

Stella C. – Task 11

Codepen URL Client Meeting & Client Website Already did the client meeting last week (or a couple weeks ago, can’t remember). Next week, we’re meeting at Wednesday at 4 pm, instead of Friday at 1 pm, to accommodate both Jon and Jack. He’s still delivering the partners’s information to us and we’re still working on … Read more