Task 7

Task 7

  1. W3: Quotations/Colors
  2. Quiz 7
  3. Practice CodePen HTML:
    • use block quote and q
    • use hexadecimal background OR text  colors for 2 H (header) elements
  4. Portfolio: Starter Template page(s)
  5. Portfolio: Create a Photo or Video Template Page, add menu for page


  1. Contact Clients with team via Zoom
  2. Get Client wish list
  3. Get Basic info for client website
  4. Plan weekly tasks, and finish week 1 tasks for client on Trello


  1. Subject: Task 7-yourname
  2. Category: Task 7 (Do not use “Task” which is reserved for my assignment instructions)
  3. Codepen image & URL (use “HTML comments” to distinguish each codepen addition)
  4. URL to Portfolio Photo or Video page–showcasing some of your work (or placeholders)
  5. URL to your team Trello