Task 11

Task 11

  1. W3:  Layout, Responsive Design
  2. Quiz 11
  3. Practice CodePen HTML:
  4. Take a look at W3.CSS templates–free HTML?CSS code for typical websites
  5. Add WP Dashboard notes plugin to Portfolio & Client site
  6. Client website: Showcase


Meet with Client and me

  • Asses what can be done that’s most useful in next 2 weeks
  • Deliverables list?

Task 11 Posts

  1. Subject: Task 11-yourname
  2. Category: Task 11 (Do not use “Task” which is reserved for my assignment instructions)
  3. Codepen image & URL (use “HTML comments” to distinguish each codepen addition)
  4. Portfolio URL with other class materials added (via menu & posts)
  5. Client site URL–explaining any changes, additions, tests
  6. Trello URL