Task 12

Task 12

  1. W3:  Style Guide
  2. Quiz 12
  3. Practice CodePen HTML:
  4. Portfolio: update your portfolio


Meeting Date: Set client final meeting date between April 26-May 5, The sooner you finish site & set date, the sooner you will be done!!

Deliverables: Add a list to this post of your final deliverables.  Also add this list to your Dashboard WP Dashboard notes (add this plugin if you dont have it, and then use the +note in the very top right of Dashboard to add first note) , so we cal all see them.

Task 12 Posts

  1. Subject: Task 12-yourname
  2. Category: Task 12 (Do not use “Task” which is reserved for my assignment instructions)
  3. Client Meeting date
  4. Client site URL–with list of deliverables the post as well as In the WP Notes in the site Dashboard (so your client can also see)
  5. Trello URL
  6. Portfolio URL