Meet Our New Media Team

Our Designers

Our team of designers will be building their web skills developing their own portfolios then assisting our clients with their website needs.

Meet our team of New Media students

These students launched our client-based web development course during COVID!!

They also designed their own portfolios (URLs below)


Joline Blais

Love to photograph, travel, ski, row, hike, swim, kayak. Catch me outdoors.  Aspiring Maine Guide.

If you have one mentor, let it be Nature.  


Business & New Media

Lilly Furrow

Moved from California to Maine at age of 3. Enjoys cooking vegan food, digital and analogue drawing, working out at the nearest gym at 3am. Goals include HR or the design industry. Enjoys meeting new people.

New Media, Horses, Photography

Sean Kearney

Originally from Pennsylvania now living in Maine. I love to work with horses and do photography, in the future I would like to be a pilot helping with the media of an airline, including flying drones.

Music, Games, Tech

Fox Gleason

Native Mainer from  include 3D Modeling, Music, Video Games, and New Technology.

Video, Music, Fashion Photography

Jake Hotaling

Videographer and filmmaker, especially cinematography and music directing. Works in fashion journalism photography and creates travel videos. Experience in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro.

Jack Lampinen
Digital Maker, Coder, App Design

Jack Lampinen

Likes long walks on the beach and creating things. Movies, animations, art, code, doesn’t matter as long as I get to make stuff. Spent the past few months working on an app for Amazon which has taught me that I value the people I work with even more than the work I do.

Graphic Design, Model

Jalyssa Beason

Commercial model for about four years, developing connections with creatives in the southern Maine/Mass area.  Fantastic team player, opens herself to every opportunity,  experience with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Video, Nature

Claire Gilpatrick

Videographer, easy-going, energetic person, who enjoys getting outdoors and just being in nature, but also being with the people she loves.

Design, Exploring

Katie Stewart

Maine native who currently lives in Biddeford. After graduation she hopes to go on to a career in design. In her spare time she loves exploring new places and things.

Graphic Design, Animation

Nhan Chau

Born and raised in Vietnam, experienced in Clip Studio Paint, creating amazing art. Her little brother is an inspiration to her, and Nhan hopes to animate a movie they could enjoy together.

Graphic Design, Mythology

Stella Cashman

Originally from Newfoundland, but now settled in Winterport. Have an associate’s degree in Digital Graphic Design and currently going for a New Media bachelor’s degree. Traditional and digital artist. Love writing and music. Video game, TTRPG, and mythology nerd. I want to go into potentially art-related fields.

HCI, Lacrosse, Piano

Aimee Whitman

Studied wildlife ecology, interested in foley art.  UMaine woman’s lacrosse club, and sister of the Chi Omega fraternity. In her free time, Aimee likes to read, write, and practice piano and is currently learning ASL.

Programmer, 2D Illustrator

Kacie Bond

Would love to create their own graphic novel or cartoon. Experienced in Adobe Suite, as well as Python, C, Java, and Processing. Inspired by their friends to improve their storytelling and artistic skills.

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 3.41.33 PM
Adobe Suite, Gaming, Outdoors

Andreas Sandoval

Avid gamer, Adobe Suite experimenter,  enjoys hiking and exploring. Hopes to pursue graphic design or UX design.

Design, Music, Outdoor Sports

Jack Roy Becker

Enjoys art and graphic design. Hobbies include music, games, pond hockey, long boarding, hiking and time with friends. Hopes to work in some kind of design field.

Art enthusiast; live by creation and adventure.

Tea Brich

CTE Graphic Design certified, Proficient in Adobe, Ski Racer for UMaine, Loves to travel.

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 2.16.54 PM
Animator, Skier

Peter Vigoda

Former marine biology student, now  new media with a minor in business administration. Goal is to become a cartoon animator and create his own scripts and pilot episodes. A brother at the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at UMaine and likes to spend his time skiing at Sugarloaf with friends.

Artist, Designer, Figure Skater

Violet Singer

Passion for vintage clothing, thrifting and making unique clothing. Loves to do anything that involves creating beautiful visuals, like digital art, product design, painting, sculpting, drawing, photography. Competitive figure skater in youth. 

New Media, Graphic Design

Krista Guenzel

New Jersey now studying at UMaine with hopes to one day find her self with a career in content editing or sports media. Passionate about graphic arts, sports and adventuring and exploring new areas.

Film & Photo, Business Minor

Colin Weed

Seeking career in film or photography industry. Likes to go out with friends, spend time with his family, and work out. Has 5 siblings and is a triplet.

Music Production, New Media

George Lewis

Produces music in home studio, and hopes to become professional music producer.

Sports, Film, Travel

Brian Ellsmore

Enjoys basketball, football, and surfing.  Hopes to use New Media to work in sports or film.  Loves to travel, has been to Jamaica, Spain, and Canada.

Farm Animals, Outdoors, Photography

Connor Ingalls

Grew up on a farm in Bowdoin. Enjoys the outdoors. Likes to work on his car, hike, and help around the farm. During the winters, I like to snowmobile, snowboard, and stay inside. Also enjoy creating art, playing video games, and making videos with my friends. 

Art, Music, Design

Brooke Clement

Left-handed. Hobbies include making art, playing guitar, and compulsively researching anything appearing to be remotely interesting. Hoping to use New Media skills to do something in the nonprofit sector.

Video, Hiking, Friends

Autumn Chapman

Maine native currently living in Auburn. Transfer from Suffolk University. I am a New Media major with an interest in film and video production. I really enjoy hiking and going on adventures with friends.

Video, Athletic Training

Michael Giungi

Business minor, likes to hang out with friends and at gym.  Would like to be a documentary filmmaker and eventually open up an athletic training facility.

Coder, AI, Creative

Devin Carter

NMD and COS student coding in Java, Python, C/C#, and Lisp. Aspiring to participate in the field of AI/machine learning research. Also aspiring to participate in the creative fields I love, such as writing and game design.

Media, Motorsports, Art

Connor Grunewald

A Taoist with a pension for motorsports, art, and cryptozoology, Connor Grunewald is a jack of all trades and just happy to help out in any way he can.