Task 7 + Task 8 – JacobH

CodePen Portfolio Site Update *Currently I am focusing more on the client site side of things. I need to finish re-organizing my Photography page, re-organize my videography page, and fix/add the about me / contact me page, then my portfolio will be complete. I’m hoping to do so when my classes die down a bit … Read more

Brian Ellsmore – Task 7

So far, I have discussed with Sean what I need to do for the project. He has direct contact with all of our clients and they have made us information that he has put onto the website of how they want it set up. Here is a screenshot. Codepen Link Portfolio Link Trello Link

Stella C. – Task 7

Codepen Page Portfolio Website First Meeting with PREP Client We met with Jon Doty, our client, and discussed what he wanted for the website (I also lost power for 2 hours and internet for 11 hours). The client is going to send us the necessary files to help us get started. We came up with … Read more