green farm guide  I worked on the snowmobiling, a bit on the canoe/kayaking, moose watching & about/contact page transferring over content from google docs Matt emailed/ inquiring about more pictures  

Task 12 – Aimee Whitman

Client Site Katie, Violet, and I last met with Katherine on April 29. We discussed adding a footer that includes hours, address, phone, and email, which we did. We decided to send her a WordPress tutorial so that she could look back on it when her or Marie go to edit the website in the … Read more

Task 12-Katie Stewart

Compare to my task 4 codepen Link Client Meeting Date: Was supposed to be last week but Joliene had to cancel last minute due to covid shot side effects. Client Site: We worked on -the home page -footer -header -menus -landing pages (filler words and images for now) -also will be sending Kathrine links to … Read more

Task 12 – Andreas Sandoval

Final Client Meeting Date: 4/29/21   Client Site Url  (The site is practically finished at this point and we agreed with out client that we can help in adding or improving it in any sort of way. We also taught them how to use elementor so if we are not there to help they can … Read more

Task 12- Violet Singer

Here is my Codepen: Here is my portfolio, I added a logo, footer, and updated other technical aspects like menu width. –Client Site URL: Our deliverables are a new homepage, as well as templates for all of the internal pages. -Trello URL -Our “final” client meeting was April 29th, but we may have an additional … Read more